seema anand: the art of seduction

“optimizing and harnessing the mind, the body and the spirit [via sexual seduction] equals the elixir of youth.”

i am intrigued by seduction. i have been for a very long time. i think it raises so many interesting questions. it can be understood in so many ways. it is, inherently, about power dynamics between two people, and using these to your advantage (and, optimally, for the partner’s advantage as well) to entice a lover into the mysteries of who you are. and yet, as with any power dynamic, it is complicated by so many things.

i consider myself to be a respectable seductress at this point in my life, but have noted the way i leave the seduction behind as i move farther into knowing a lover. i am not sure how i feel about this. i was captivated by seema anand’s ted talk in part because she specifically calls out the notion that proper seduction involves not only both parties practicing the art of seduction, but also, importantly, each partner knowing the nuances of the ways in which they are being seduced by their lover, to fully own and experience their fullest sexual potential. i love the way this turns the on-the-surface complications of unequal power dynamics between a couple into an entirely level playing field. how thrilling to consider the possibilities of completely transparent (as it were) seduction between two people who are both seducing each other and equally appreciating and noting the ways in which they are being seduced…


3 thoughts on “seema anand: the art of seduction

  1. themysticdom says:

    Seduction is an art and a science . Its a powerful mix that can reach its potent level depending on how interesting both partners are able to leverage their own thought process. I believe the mind is a field of immense untapped unleashed creativity in each one of us and to rise above the mundane mere physical aspect of things should be the prerogative of souls who seek ecstasy in its most sublime form ; to unleash the power of your thoughts is to unleash the hidden sensuality that lies within u . That’s why I would not hesitate in calling the mind as the most erotic organ of the human body and for Seduction to reach its most sublime level, one has to unleash the power of a creative mind.

    1. dakinitaapasionada says:

      i fully agree… without the mind sex can still be enjoyable, but maintains a flatness or two-dimensionality that pales in comparison to its three-dimensional equivalent. i would also add to this conversation the additional, even less tangible/quantifiable aspect of the energetic connection between the people engaged in the encounter… seduction will always involve this mysteriously elusive quality for me as well… perhaps this energetic aspect is the movement of thoughts and words being translated into a tangible experience.

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