about my healing philosophy

Sexuality, I believe, is as much a natural and inherent part of each of us as our emotional or intellectual selves. It is a deep, beautiful, powerful part of us that is the source of our creativity, our passion, our very life force. 

Through repression or wounding/trauma experiences, sexuality can become a location for holding trauma and pain, which affects us in every possible part of our lives. 

We can survive without healthy sexuality, but we cannot thrive. 

And if we live long enough with that repressed, disassociated part of us dangling by a thread, eventually that energy will have to move. But we will not be in control of where or how it moves, or who may be unwittingly harmed by its movement.

We live in a culture (and world) that seems to believe sexuality is largely an optional part of being human and a part that can be molded (or repressed/hidden) at our will and convenience. None of this is consistent with what I have observed in myself and/or others in my life. And yet, as part of an entire culture being raised in these paradigms, most of us did not get to adulthood unscathed by these harmful myths and delusional ideas about sexuality. 

So, most of us are in need of healing.

Through my own experiences of sexual repression and trauma, I have come to be a passionate proponent and student of sexual healing. As much as it can be a place of wounding, I believe it also holds immense power to open us up to the fullest expression of ourselves.