about me

I am a magician of dualities. My life has been a bootcamp in learning about the subtleties and complex dynamics of human interactions; and most especially I have become a committed life-long student and observer of our sexual-relational-spiritual selves.

I have lived many lives, professionally and personally. I have worked with clients from every conceivable walk of life and personal background. I have been given more opportunities for learning through life experience than most my age.

I am a writer, an irrepressible learner, an artist, an intuitive; I am a yogini, a dakini, a goddess-worshipping, Buddhist-leaning, witchy-skeptical-creative energy healer; I am a humble servant of Isis and Ganesha and Gaia and Madre Maria.

I have been graced with experience, tools, and skills that are asking to be shared with the world. I am humbly responding to a sacred need I witness and encounter everywhere I turn.

It is a deep honor to me, to be entrusted as a partner in your healing journey.