lexi (part i)

she went by lexi at the temptress temple, and her booth was the last one in the hallway lined with black-doored booths. by the time clients’ eyes fell upon her silky wheat colored hair they found themselves ensnared in the depths of her gaze, steady and piercing. they were stripped bare in front of her, and they stepped forward in fascination, closing the door to the outside world and giving themselves to lexi’s even gaze and captivating, graceful movements.

the day marco walked into her line of view was the first time lexi’s gaze faltered. it was a bitterly cold night, and she blinked a few times at the bundled up gentleman before her, before breaking into a slow, seductively familiar smile. he smiled back, slowly walking toward her, and stepped into her booth, shutting the door behind him without breaking their eye contact. he sat down in the leather chair that stood in front of the plexiglass window lexi sat behind. her legs were crossed and she was slowly playing with her long hair. he picked up the phone receiver as the same time she did, bringing it to his ear with a sly grin on his face that belied the guardedness in his eyes.

“fancy meeting you here… if you feel so inclined, I’d like to have your most exquisite show” he said, with a knowing smile.

(to be continued)

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